Legal Articles On Property And Probate Law In Malaysia

Probate and Property Laws In Malaysia by TYH & Co. Best Property and Probate Lawyer In KL Selangor Malaysia

Property And Probate Law In Malaysia

Conveyancing & Property Law in Malaysia
  1. How To Transfer Or Purchase Property Ownership In Malaysia And The Cost.
  2. Stamp Duty Imposed For Transfer Of Properties In Malaysia
  3. Do You Need A Property Lawyer For Property Transfer In Malaysia?
  4. Understanding Real Property Gains Tax (RPGT) In Malaysia
  5. Buying Property with Individual Title And Property without Individual Title In Malaysia
  6. What Is The Cost Of Buying A Property In Malaysia
  7. Affordable Conveyancing Lawyer For Property Transfer In Malaysia
  8. Property Transfer And Conveyancing Procedures In Malaysia
  9. Law On Transfer of Property Between Family Members In Malaysia
  10. 5 Tips To Buy Court Auction Property In Malaysia
  11. How To Buy Property Under A Company In Malaysia
  12. Frequently Asked Questions about the Bank Negara Malaysia’s Moratorium
  13. Property Transactions Under The PENJANA Economic Recovery Plan By The Prime Minister Of Malaysia On 5th Of June 2020
Conveyancing & Property Law Articles in Malaysia (Chinese)
  1. 马来西亚土地与房产业务律师扮演着的角色与重要性
  2. 在马来西亚买房地产所需要的花费

Conveyancing & Property Law Articles In Malaysia (Bahasa Malaysia)

  1. Pelantikan Peguam Hartanah Untuk Pindahmilik Ataupun Pembelian Hartanah Dan Kos-Kos Yang Berkenaan Di Malaysia
  2. Pindahmilik Hartanah dan Prosedur Conveyancing Oleh Peguam Hartanah di Malaysia
Business & Commercial Law
  1. What Makes A Contract Valid Under The Law In Malaysia
  2. 何谓有效的合同?
  3. 5 Reasons Why You Need A Contract for A Business Transaction In Malaysia
  4. 您需要商业合同的5个理由
Debt Recovery
  1. How To Recover Bad Debt From Your Debtor In Malaysia
  2. 如何向债务人追债
Employment and Labour Law In Malaysia
  1. The Law Of Retrenchment Due To COVID-19: Malaysian Employment Law
  2. Constructive Dismissal: Malaysian Employment Law
  3. The Court Recognised The Covid-19 Pandemic As A Factor In Malaysia
Probate and Letter and Administration Law In Malaysia
  1. How to apply for Grant of Probate or Letter of Administration in Malaysia and how much does it cost?
  2. What is Grant of Probate and Letter of Administration in Malaysia?
  3. 4 Steps for Administration of Estate in Malaysia.
  4. Why Do You Need A Grant Of Probate Or Letter Of Administration In Malaysia.
  5. Reseal Grant of Probate in Malaysia.
  6. Procedure for Administration of Estate in Malaysia with or without a Will.
  7. The Role and Duties of an Executor of a Will.
Estate Planning Law in Malaysia
  1. 5 Things You Need To Know About Will Writing In Malaysia.
  2. Why And When Do You Need To Write A Will In Malaysia.
  3. 5 Reasons Why You Need A Lawyer To Write Your Will In Malaysia.
  4. 如何立遗嘱和立遗嘱的重要性.
  5. When Do You Need A Lawyer To Write A Will In Malaysia?
Malaysia Small Estate Distribution Act 1955
  1. Distribution Under The Small Estates (Distribution) Act 1955
  2. 马来西亚小额遗产分配法
Landlord & Tenant
  1. Rights Of A Landlord If A Tenant Is Not Paying Rent In Malaysia
  2. 租户拖欠租金,屋主怎么办?
Agreement & Contract
  1. The Importance Of A Loan Agreement In Malaysia
  2. 贷款协议的重要性
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